WorldHumanBridge 〜Is there anything we can do now? 〜

今の自分に何か出来る事はないだろうか? NPO法人 WorldHumanBridge please know&feel 募金活動にご協力を
What is “the World Human Bridge”?

monkeypodWe “World Human Bridge” would like to create the communities where people try to understand, enlighten and progress each other. In such places, there are enjoyment, pleasure, sometimes sorrow, to be sure, and impression from learning and studying. When people get together through their hearts, and begin to discuss, learn, think and take action, it will surely that something new happens. Our goal is to create and cultivate these groups.

Why such communities are necessary?

clean walkingWe think one of the important things the earth needs is there. Of course, there are various differences among us: boarders, races, gender, age, jobs, classes and thoughts. We can regard them as causes that bring about useless conflicts. I think a lot of people feel anger, sorrow, contradiction, conflict, and alienation.

When we want to come back to our beginning, we often read these words. Though everyone may understand them differently, we think that it is each of us that create the present world.

Is there anything we can do now?

myanmarIt is said that the future world including Japan will be divided into two hemispheres: winners are in the one side, and losers are in the other side. What is the most dreadful thing in such a society? The answer is not to know (learn).

In the 19th century, Hugo, a great writer in France, said,” What makes unhappiness? It’s ignorance. It brings about all the unhappiness around the world.” Because of the economical reasons or circumstances, those who are eager to study, especially children, get not to be able to study.That can be causes of various problems all over the world, which makes us have a critical mind.

We WHB would like to manage the classes to tell how important knowing and learning are through each kind of works. It is because we hope that any one can study to progress himself and play a roll in the society with pleasure.

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